Book Review: The Shadow of Your Smile

I know I am behind the times since this book was released over six months ago but hey my life’s been a little busy. (Did I mention that I finally finished writing my book? No – Well I will have to talk about that as my next post.) :)

I must add though that I loved reading about the bitter cold north as I sat in 110+ temperatures. It is like reading a beach novel in the dead of winter. I figure if I want to escape into a novel – might as well be different from where I am.

Okay, on to the book. First let me say – I LOVED IT! Susan May Warren has the ability to create such a real world for the reader and compelling characters that are both real and loveable. They are the kind you want to fight for and make it difficult to put the book down. I read it in two nights.

But there are a lot of great story creators out there, so why do Susan May Warren’s books stand out to me? They hold a strong element of life truth and biblical truth in them that hangs with you after the book is done.

I am the mother of three children Boy, Girl, Boy. And in a way, looking at this family pre-tradegy was like a glimpse of my little family in fifteen years. I pray I never have to face a tragedy like they did, but the reality is I cannot control that.

We don’t know what our future will look like but I know I want to enjoy every day I have with my kids while they are young. I also will place my faith in a God who loves me much and believe it or not loves my kids even more than I do.

This book really challenged me to be a better mom and wife. And if I can walk away from any book wanting to be a better version of myself while enjoying the story – that is a great book.

Thank you Susan May Warren for allowing God to speak though your words into my life.

Have any of you read this book? What makes a good book in your opinion?

Living with Pollyanna

We can learn a lot from our kids. My daughter has a strong case of Pollyanna-ism. Not all the time – believe me when I say she can have her grumpy moments but she never ceases to amaze me with her sweet disposition and positive outlook when I think she has every right to be mad.

A few minutes ago she walked up to me with small special box in one hand, a bow in the other, and a frown on her face. “The boys ripped my bow off my box.”

I sighed and reached for the bow trying to determine if fixing was a possibility when she smiled. “That’s okay. It looks pretty without the bow and I can use the bow for the present inside.”

What? What about justice? What about fairness? What about the box being the way you originally wanted?

Nope she just pushed it all aside and accepted what she had and found the good in that.

This isn’t the first time either. A few weeks ago she brought to me one of her Polly dresses that the dog had managed to chew off an arm. She held it up to me as her eyes filled with tears. “Mom, look…”

Growing frustration without puppy boiled over in me. How could something so adorable cause so much grief? (BTW – my frustration wasn’t about the dress as much as the compiling of the dozens of thing he’d already chewed.)

Before I could react, she snatched it from my hand and smiled. “That’s okay. I have always wanted a dress with just one sleeve.”

Oh sweet girl you teach me so much about justice, fairness, and most importantly grace. May I be better about accepting the situations I am given, even if at times it doesn’t feel fair.

What about you? Are you the eternal optimist or do you struggle with the desire to be right and life to be fair?



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