Learning from Whitney

I have another confession. I love my bed. I love my memory foam mattress, down comforter and my super soft pillow. I even love the little blanket I lay over my face to keep out the light. (My kids call it my blankie.) Sleep is a good and needed part of our day but when I need an escape from my overwhelming life I tend to run there to hide.

It has been just over a week since we lost the talented Whitney Huston. I read many articles recapping her life and death and most concluded the same: so much talent lost too early because of life choices. One article, however, stood out to me. The journalist questioned how different are we from Whitney.

We may not be great singers and we may not be wasting away our talent on drugs but are we wasting our talent away in other ways?

My other escape I run to is entertainment. I love movies and TV. Again I don’t feel they are all bad, but like sleep there needs to be a balance. Many times I know I should be writing or caring for my house when I run to an escape instead. I am seeking an emotional retreat and although it doesn’t have the long term physical effects as drugs, it could have long term effects on my gifts.

I may feel called to write but if I never type a word can God use my talent?

What are you doing that is wasting your gifts? What can you do today to change that?

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