Working Vacation?

You may have noticed that I missed a week of blogging. I have no great excuse other than I was on vacation. I had great visions of myself sitting on the beach or by the pool typing out brilliant blogs while sipping my lemonade that was delivered by a waiter named Marty.

No, that vacation happens in movies. My vacation looked a lot more like keeping my children under control in the pool and my only refreshment was if I dared sip out of one of my children’s water bottles.

I am not complaining about my vacation. I had a wonderful time with my family but it does make me wonder about the term “working vacation.” Perhaps in order to do so you need to be at a different point in life but right now the two don’t mix well for me.

I was gone two weeks and the first week I spent at a Writer’s retreat put on by My Book Therapy called Deep Thinkers. It was a great week and I would highly recommend it if you are a writer. I had so much fun but you better believe it was work. A good work where I was able to dive into my story and characters without worrying about interruption of someone who needs help going potty, or to settle a dispute over a toy.

Perhaps that was the working vacation part. If so, I think the key to a successful working vacation is not having small children along.

Have you had a successful working vacation? What was your secret?