What is in a name?

As you can see, I have struggled really getting this blog off the ground. I have played with different names, different looks, different topics and it all resulted in one main problem…time. If I could hook my computer up to my brain every day I would be quite the efficient blogger, I compose often as I am carpooling the children or making dinner. But sitting down to type them out. Nope – doesn’t happen.

A friend told me that Blog isn’t just about talking a lot. It is about making connections. Making friends. Deepening friendships. So I thought for a moment and considered how I make friends. I do it through communication. Great! Blogging is all about communication. What do I talk to my friends about?

I talk about my FAITH. I talk about who God is to me, what he is doing in my life and how His love continually amazes me.

I talk about my FAMILY. I am fortunate enough to be mother to three amazing children of 3,5, and 7. They fill my day with funny stories that often teach me amazing life truths.

I talk about FICTION. I love reading and I am on my way to be an author of fiction. I love talking about good books or writing techniques I am learning.

I talk bout things that are just plain FUN. I love to laugh and I love to share laughter with others.

If the is how I develop friendships then this is how I will blog.

Why Fingerprints? God is at work in my life. I am a lump of clay and his fingerprints are on me as he shapes me into the woman he wants me to be. But I also want to leave fingerprints in others lives. So many mentors, teachers, and friends have left fingerprints in my life. Maybe something on this blog God will use to touch someones life in a profound way.

So, I’m back! New determination. New look.  I hope you stick around and tell your friends.

Be honest – What do you think of the new look?

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