Social Media Sweet Spot

One aspect of a writer’s life is social media. An online presence, if you will. This has been a struggle with me. Inconsistent blogs (if you haven’t noticed), an occasional tweet, but I have struggled to really find my grove.

This week I started my author page on Facebook. I must say that I think I have found my sweet spot. I have had a personal account on facebook since 2007 so I am not sure why it didn’t occur to me earlier that this would be a good fit. After all – facebook is already a part of my life.

I created my page Wednesday night at 8:30 and by Friday morning at 8:00 am I had over 116 likes and By Saturday morning 181.
To have so many friends, family, and strangers interested in my journey as a writer is exciting and humbling. Everyone is excited to see what God will do next and frankly so am I.

So, thanks for stopping by my blog. I am striving to be more consistent. I appreciate your support too. If you want to find me on facebook. I am at If you tweet join me there @FarisTari.

I will try not to have too much overlap but I sure there will be.

So what is your favorite avenue of social media?