I Am A Mess

MNO-poster-art-memeI am not a failure. I am a mess, a beautiful mess. I am God’s master piece. (Rough Quote from the movie)

I know it has been out for a while but I am not sure when I have enjoyed a movie more than I did Mom’s Night Out. The script: excellent (laughed so hard I cried). Acting: top notch (I mean Samwise Gamgee is in it.) But what hit me most was the solid take away.

This year – as in 2014 – has been hard. There is no other way to put it. My daughter has literally turned all that I know upside down. And as I have walked this road with her more often than not I have come to the conclusion: I am a terrible mother. And as I have tried to balance all this with the rest of my life, my house has turned into a dump which means: I am a terrible wife.

Now before you think this blog is about feeling sorry for myself let me remind you that I said it was how I felt. In fact, I didn’t even realized how deep those feelings ran until I was watching the movie last night. As the heroine goes though her journey and fights her feeling of inadequacy and discouragement, I could see myself so clearly it hurt.

But like any good story that draws you in making you see yourself smack in the middle of this struggle, it also brought me out to a healthier view of my own situation. (And that is the very reason I write.)

I am not the perfect mother, I am not the perfect wife, I will never be the perfect neat-freak homemaker. But God HAS equipped me to do His good works. And when I fall short in my own strength, abilities, wisdom… I  CAN rest in his arms and be confident that HE’S GOT THIS.

My job is actually a simple one. Be open to Him and let him work though me. I need to be His hands of love in my family’s life and His voice of truth in my writing. The end result is up to Him. And you know what? I trust Him,

So today I will choose to be His masterpiece. Nothing more, nothing less.

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